I judy thank you so much she is so beautiful everyone says how much she looks like shmaine she is so life like i love he so much shes just what i
wanted i thank you from the bottom of my heart
lindsey xxx
Excellent, very life like little baby doll, 10 out of 10, A1+, Five Star Thanks
Thanks x Beautiful baby,Excellent communication and presentation.Very prompt delivery A++

Ben is gorgeous!! He smells like a real baby, a real work of Art!!!
Hi Judy, I received Ben today and have only just opened him up from his packaging, and I am absolutely delighted with him. The first thing that
hit me
when I first opened the box was the smell of a "Newborn" freshly bathed, baby-0illed and powdered. I was very impressed, even before I saw him,
I couldn't
wait to remove the packaging from him! He was extremely well packaged and as this is one of my most recent contacts with a reborn, I am most
Many, many, thanks x.
Best regards,
Hi Judy .
This is trevors wife here . louise arrived today , she is beautiful , thank you so much , you have done a good job with her . IIwould also like to
say that i have been on your site and seen your other babies that have been adopted  , they are also beautiful . I Keep be thinking about adopting
somemore from you in the future
. Keep up the good work . Many thanks from stacey & louise xx
Your babies are absolutely gorgeous!!!!
How much would it be for a custom baby if you do them ??? Please reply asap
they're beautiful xx
Judy your babies are fabulous :) i have only bought one of you and she is Beautiful(Kasha Rose)
but i will be back for more you are very talented lady 100%
thank you ally xxxxx
Judy I was over the moon with baby Sophie she is so beautiful she has fooled a few people too
I just love her Thanks so much
Lynne  xx

Thankyou for my beautiful baby Macey Lee we didnt do anything Christmas morning for an hour
we were all just nursing Macey passing her around
we didnt open another present for ages, she is amazing her skin tones and little veins
are so clever shes perfect thank you so much Judy
Love Karen & girls xx
I received baby Hollie today I was so excited when the parcel arrived
I cant tell you how happy you have made me and how
Beautiful Hollie is
She smells just like a real baby,  I am just over the moon with her
Thank you so much I would love a brother for her in the future
I will defiantly be back in touch
Best Wishes
Fay Torrance
You really know how to pose them for photographing she could be real. Her chubby legs and face are so cute.
We really can not thank you enough for Kelynn I am already getting so much pleasure from her.
Lynne & Fritz
could not be so happy, however Judy you proved me wrong
when little Timothy arrived,He is gorgeous
I know they are not real to me they are so lifelike
I get so much joy each time I lift them out of there
Again thank you so much Judy
Fay Torrance xx

Hi Judy
Baby First Cry has arrived  today wednesday 10 3 2010 and he is so gorgeous Thank you once again for him.I will treasure him forever he is a
real work of art .
Kindess regards Louise
Just to let you know how pleased we were with (Ben}    our reborn doll.
We were very impressed with the professionalism and the work and detail you put into achieving such a
lovely doll for my wife.
R.G. and E Krajnik
Hi Judy
Brian arrived today 31 3 . And I absolutely adore him, he is just perfect his little outfit is so right for him .
Thanks again for  all your help  .
Kind regards Louise
much shes just what i wanted i thank you from the bottom of my heart
lindsey xxx
Hi Judy Thank you so much for my new Baby Sydney
she looks better in real life than on the photo`s
I love her cant put her down she is beautiful
Love Gillian xxx
Hi Judy
Many thanks for Fiona - she's gorgeous!  
She arrived mid-morning on Saturday.  I just can't believe how life-like she is.  She has been sitting at my table with me.  I love her, thank you
so much.
Dorothy Lee
Well Franklin is safely snuggled in his new home awaiting visits from neighbours and friends. I can't thank you enough, he is ABSOLUTELY
BRILLIANT! His colouring is amazing and his expression is exquisite. He is my favourite reborn by far and has gained pride of place in the
conservatory. It was lovely to meet you and "I've got a Judy Gray reborn" my very best wishes for your future work, which I am sure will grow
from strength to strength as it rightly deserves ,
Thanks again

I have been ask to reborn an Esme kit when she arrives July sometime ... I have said I would and got this lovely Email this morning

Thanx so much, Judy!
I spent days on the net researching reborn artists for Esme, I wanted someone talented with attention to all the details, someone who can make
her real (shall I call you the Blue Fairy??). Esme is a very special sculpt and deserves the best! Your work was heads above most of the (very)
talented artists I found worldwide, there's some awesome artists out there. Unfortunately, that level of talent and attention to detail is still
lacking amongst Australian (I'm from Melbourne) reborn artists, but we are getting there....

I'll let you know when Esme arrives and will then mail the kit to you for reborning.

Warm regards, "expectant" mummy
Think I can say I have another happy customer in the USA ..I have just got this message regarding little Pixie Brown

Hi Judy
Sweet little pixie arrived safe & sound Thursday am. I didn't even have time to open "the box" before we had to leave to go to the memorial service
for a dear friend of ours. It was way cross town and we were exhausted when we got home I fell asleep watching tv. I have to wait for my husband
to be working on the yard or at the store to open the box.
So yesterday we (my dog dolly) and I opened the box. It is so exciting . She is beautiful and all I wanted to do was look at her and hold her. She
has such a sweet, innocent look. Dolly has to smell each new doll that arrives. I love her outfits. She is so loveable
Thank you for making such a sweet girl.
Another baby doll arrived home and another happy lady ... another lovely message
omg shes stunning judy so much work gone into her thank you so much xxx your work is amazing her colours are so perfect, im thrilled to bits, im
off down to wales this week when I come back I will take a look in your nursery page to see which one I want next if that's ok hun x

Lovely Email from Baby Melody`s new mum... so pleased she loves her !
Hi Judy

She arrived safe and sound 20mins ago. She is stunning! Thank you so very much for all the time you have spent creating her, she is so perfect in
all her detail. I wondered what her weight would be ( all my real babies, four in total were over 8lb,) so I am over the moon that she is around 7lb.
She is so dainty looking just as I imagined. I was so happy to see she had the pink rabbit, like in her final studio pic, because that was my theme for
her, I love how you have dressed her right down to the pram shoes. Her rooting is amazing. I am so glad I chose you. I saw your nursery and name
on a site on Facebook called 'trusted artist's, where someone else had recommended you.
I am going to call her Lydia Rose, after my maternal grandmother. Thank you for her bear brush and comb and the beautiful baby card, lovely
touches. I see she has a magnet dummy, so sweet.
I will truly treasure her. No doubt you will hear from me again as I am bound to want a boy next.

Warm kind regards
Well Levi has arrived home in the States, had this message from my customer, Makes this job so worthwhile
Wow, I am beyond words. He is AMAZING!!! I could not be more happy! I can't get over the detail and realism. You are brilliantly talented.
Thank you so much for making such a beautiful piece of art
Hi Judy ☺️ I got home frome my vocation yesterday night. My neighbor come to my door this morning with the most beautiful gift frome you ��
Omg the doll you have been made is so beautiful. I am truly in love. She looked more beautiful in real life. I cant put her down. Im in love ��
I was very suprised how fast you shipped and that the delivery was delivered on the door.
Thank you so much for making this beauty and that i was so lucky to bay her frome you.
I hope i can bay more frome you in the future.

Best wishes frome me to you. Good bless you.
Regards Iselin Karlseng
Amazing babies! I just can’t stop buying from Judy! Beautifully painted and weighted so well. These babies are now
my lil family and world! You know so much love, pride abs hard work goes into Judy’s babies. I have purchased 7
babies from here and most probably will purchase more! ❤
Amazing talented artist that has made my daughter cry with amazement many times will be back again soon for
another beautiful miracle ��
I'm a huge fan of Judy's ~ my daughter's and I are in awe with every box opening. Judy is an AMAZING ARTIST!!!
Most of our collection is from kisses from heaven nursey ... I'm definitely a return customer!! you will never be
disappointed with a baby from this Wonderful ARTIST. love always ~ Red-ones collections (Jessica Miller)
My 3 absolutely gorgeous babies ❤ can’t thank Judy enough .... for such beautiful babies ��
Looking for a new baby got this one from this lady and I love her but think she needs a brother or sister
Thank you for another amazing baby!! We totally love our ‘Holly Ivy’ (April) You have put yet another smile on our
faces, the babies bring us such joy and happiness especially as it’s a hard time of year coming up for us. We cannot
express how amazing and lifelike your babies are! We are so grateful to you �� Tracy & Jez xx